Philosophy, Mission & Vision
14 May 2020

   MCDGH subscribes to the tenets of the Catholic Faith as promulgated by the Church. Guiding it and giving it direction are the beliefs that:

"   Its reason for being is to serve God through health services to people.

"   While it caters to the health needs of its clients, it can and should serve as an evangelizing arm of the Church in the spread of the Gospel.

"   The people it serves and those who serve (directly or indirectly) are human beings composed of body and soul, and are the image of God, the concepts from which emanate their dignity, which should be respected.


   To be the best and the biggest quality healthcare provider in Southern Tagalog, healing with Christ to give holistic service to the community.

   Excellence in Service, Leader in Healthcare. We serve humanity to glorify God.


   Spreading the Gospel and building the kingdom of God by providing quality healthcare services:

   To the Patients, we render quality services, providing healing of the mind, the body and the soul.

   To the Diocese, we take care of the clergy as leaders of the community and embody the Churchs preferential option for the poor.

   To our Employees, we create an environment for Christian formation and leadership by promoting their total well-being, professional growth and development.

   To our Doctors, we provide state-of-the-art facilities and opportunities for continuing education to enable them to practice their profession with excellence and highest ethical standards in accordance with Christian principles.

   To the Country, we contribute to the building of a healthy and productive citizenry and a progressive and peaceful nation.

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