Heart Diagnostic Center
16 May 2020
Heart Diagnostic Center was first known as Heart Station of Mount Carmel Diocesan General Hospital since 1959. It is the first and leading cardiovascular diagnostic laboratory in Quezon Province. HDC is established to endow with atmosphere and facilities that is dedicated in the diagnosis and evaluation of patients with cardiovascular related symptoms and problems.

The HDC is committed in providing holistic approach of services to the patients and community, through the delivery of specialized diagnostic procedures with safety, quality and accurateness perform by Team of knowledgeable, skillful and experienced Technologists under the supervision of Board Certified and Diplomate Cardiologists ensuring precise results.

Services Offered:
•   Electrocardiogram/ECG (to measures the electrical activity of heart to show whether or not it is working normally.)
•   Echocardiography/2D Echo with Doppler Study (to take pictures of the heart using ultrasound technique. It displays a cross sectional slice of the beating heart showing chambers, valves, major vessels and blood flow of the heart.)
•   Stress Test/Treadmill Exercise Test (to find out how well the heart handles its workload during a period of increasingly strenuous exercise.)
•   Vascular Studies (to check the amount of blood flow in arteries and veins using ultrasound technique. It also exhibits whether there is blockage, thrombus, or stenosis in blood vessels.)
   Carotid & Vertebrae Duplex Scan
   Transcranial Doppler Study
   Arterial – Venous Duplex Scan
   Abdominal Artery Duplex Scan
   Renal Artery Duplex Scan
   Ankle Brachial Index Test

•   24-Hour Holter Monitoring (to continuously test to record heart’s rate and rhythm and also exhibits symptoms of an irregular hearbeat or arrhythmia during chest pains for 24 hours.)