Mother Catherine Angelique Women's Health Center
17 May 2020
The Womens Health Center offers the best ultrasound services for the patients performed by OB Sonographers and staff. Delivering good patient service, facilitating fast and efficient performance of the procedure, accurate interpretation of ultrasound images and immediate availability of results by utilizing resources in a way that provides healthcare within our scope of practice and consistent with the standard of care to as many clients as possible.

SERVICES OFFERED:                        
1.   Transvaginal (TVS)                        
2.   Transabdominal (TAS)/ Pelvic (PUS)   
Ø   Special Procedures for OB                  
o   BPS(Pelvic+Biophysical Profile+NST)               
o   Nonstress Test (NST)
o   Modified BPS (AFI and NST)                  
o   Transabdominal/ Pelvic + CS Scar Thickness         
o   Transabdominal/Pelvic+ Placental Localization         
o   Transabdominal/Pelvic+ Cervical Length            
o   Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS)               
o   OB Doppler (Transabdominal/Pelvic + Doppler Velocimetry)   
o   Placental Doppler (Transabdominal + Color Flow Mapping of
the Placenta)         
o   3D4D      
Ø   Special Rates (Multifetal)
o   Transvaginal (TVS) Twins                  
o   Transvaginal (Triplets)                     
o   Transabdominal (Twins)                     
o   Transabdominal (Triplets)                  
o   Transabdominal (Quadruplets)                  
o   NST (Twins)                           
o   NST (Triplets)                        
o   BPS Twins(Pelvic+Biophysical Profile+NST)            
o   BPS Triplets(Pelvic+Biophysical Profile+NST)         
o   Transabdominal (Twins)+Cervical Length            
o   Transabdominal (Triplets)+Cervical Length         
o   Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS) Twins            
o   Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS) Triplets            
o   OB Doppler Twins (Transabdominal/Pelvic + Doppler
o   OB Doppler Triplets (Transabdominal/Pelvic + Doppler
o   Placental Doppler Twins (Transabdominal + Color Flow
Mapping of the Placenta)      
o   3D4D Twins                         
o   3D4D Triplets   
1.   Transvaginal                     
2.   Transabdominal
Ø   Special Procedures                     
o   Transrectal                     
o   Gyne Doppler (Transvaginal + Doppler Studies)         
o   Follicle Monitoring                     
o   Hysterosalpingosonogram (HSSG)               
o   Saline Infusion Sonohysterogram (SISH)            
o   3D Gyne                     
o   Transperineal

Contact Details:
   Telephone Number: (042) 710-2576 / 710-2577